MogreFreeSL not outputting sound with USB sound stick


13-08-2010 18:15:28

I have a server that does not have its own sound card, so for sound I am using Siig's USB SoundWave 7.1 sound stick ( It appears to work fine - if I play a video in Windows Media Player I can hear it perfectly. But as soon as I run my Mogre app (which produces 3D sound just fine on all of our other machines), nothing comes out.

Has anybody experienced anything like this and have any ideas or trouble-shooting tips to offer?



18-08-2010 15:02:58

If you're using the latest version of MogreFreeSL, try changing the sound system specified when you call soundManager.InitializeSound(). There are several sound systems specified in FSLOgreCS.FreeSL.FSL_SOUND_SYSTEM, hopefully one will work out for you.

Let me know if this works! If it doesn't, I'll try to work with you to figure it out.