Mois for .net framework 4.0


14-08-2010 04:31:45

I'm new with mogre and I'm trying to use mogre 1.7.1 with visual studio 2010 and the .net Framwork 4.0. I manged to get it wotrking and I wanted to add mois for the input system. The only dll I have found is the one used in the demo with the sdk. But I got an error when trying to used it

L'assembly en mode mixte est créé avec la version 'v2.0.50727' du runtime et ne peut pas être chargé dans le runtime 4.0 sans d'autres informations de configuration.

I know the error is in french but it mean that the dll is for the v.2.0.5 ... and I try to use it with the v 4.0.

Is there a dll version of mois that is currently working with the .net framework 4.0 ?

Ps. Sorry for my english. Sometime my english is very bad :)


17-08-2010 02:01:10

Welcome to hour Mogre forum :D

Sorry for the late answer. I don't use .NET 4.0, so I didn't wrote before.

In the Mogre 1.7.1 is a Mogre introduction and project overview.
There is a download package of .NET 4.0 binaries. I checked and saw it contains OIS.dll, but not the wrapped MOIS.dll file. Maybe mstoyke forgot to put it to the package. I will ask him.

Alternatively you could compile MOIS yourself. The source code is here:
(Install TortoiseHG for an easy download.)

Just for a note: Normally the OIS.dll file will be embedded to the MOIS.dll file. So you need only this in your project.
I never compiled MOIS. I suppose you don't need to compile OIS (which is also on bitbucket). Just use compiled OIS.dll file for compiling MOIS. This you find e.g. in the Mogre for .NET 4.0 binary package.


17-08-2010 10:14:13

The binary package does not contain a proper version of MOIS, I didn't have any time yet to take care of all the addons. If you want to make sure that the add-ons will get updates soon, you can either find somebody who is willing to provide an updated MOIS.dll or you post in the wishlist thread which could change the priority on my list of tasks.


19-08-2010 02:58:04

Thx for the answers. I guess i'll use the .net 3.5 for now and wait till the new version is available


19-08-2010 11:06:37

You can also use .NET 4.0 and do this in the meantime.


08-09-2010 14:06:47

MOIS for .NET 4.0:
Release config, OIS is statically linked.