My Notes Are Now On The Wiki


17-08-2010 15:17:44

I've created with my (fairly extensive) notes on Mogre etc.

I converted it from an MS word document, so it's not perfect. Some day I'll check it over more fully, but today I'm going for the "release early, release often" tactic (having meant to publish them many months ago this is probably a good idea).

I leave it to greater people (Beauty??) to place it at a suitable place in the Wiki, possibly rename it and start complaining that it's a giant monolithic document with poor formatting, bad English and a tendency to make the reader confused!


19-08-2010 03:55:59

I am a great people?!!
Thanks for your compliment :D

I think about myself that I'm only a tiny wheel of a large engine.

But people like YOU are great!
Your "release early, release often" tactic is fully right.
You offered us really a huge amount of information.
Thanks a lot!!

I added a not and a link from the page Mogre HOWTO's and Snippets
to your page. I also added an entry to the Mogre news box. So the people could find it. :wink:

The new name of your page will be WarehouseJims MOGRE HOWTO. ... OGRE+HOWTO

And it was a good idea to give us the information here in the wiki. Because otherwise nobody would know it.


19-08-2010 18:02:48

Wow, there is a lot of information.
Im just begin to use Mogre and what I checked this wiki, I think there is lot of useful information.
Thanks for sharing! :)

I, too, write to txt file everything what I learn etc, now I can search there if I have something in my mind ;)
Just like I made these youtube videos, these are primarely for me, when I forget how to do it or that, I can check it on youtube.


19-08-2010 19:05:59

One point why I started to write information to the wiki was this:
Normally I write notices to slips of paper. And I have many of them and sometimes the problem that I don't find something again.
Then I thought - before I write something to a computer document - it would be better for me and others, when I write it directly to the wiki. There I also can add links, etc.
So I started to work in the wiki and during the 2 or 3 years I got an amount of 1000 up to 2000 edits. (I shocked myself about this number)
It's hard to find out some details in the forum. There are so many long threads and the search function is not the best. So I also copied interesting parts to the wiki. For example I created the page Collision detection with Newton with such information. It's not the best page structure, but I suppose it still helps the people.
Also I saw that my active wiki work increased the motivation of some other people to improve the wiki. This is fine.
A good software also needs a good documentation. I like Ogre, so I want to support it. :D
This is my story ...


20-08-2010 01:43:43

And it's good to see that there is lot of wiki pages, and people who updating these (like you, Beauty) :)
Ogre (Mogre) is the engine I want to use, so maybe someday I have to show too :)
(i will update dotscene loader to load path infos too (like i did on axioms dotscene loader), then can
do object/camera paths in 3dsmax) (unfortunately blenders exporter does not export these, and I do not use python,
so cant update these) (maybe these and userdata infos come to blender 2.5 exporter, but we have to wait when
blender 2.5 (or 2.6) comes to beta or stable so that script programmer updates it (so I read somewhere).
Sorry, quite offtopic :)


20-08-2010 13:31:35

maybe these and userdata infos come to blender 2.5 exporter
You also need to post your whish in the blender exporter thread. :wink:

i will update dotscene loader to load path infos too
Useful updates are welcome. :D
For Ogre (C++) are 2 or 3 loaders in the wiki. For Mogre just one (ported from C++). But I'm not shure about. So check which one to update. If there are more differences, you also could add your loader to it's own page. (In this case, please add a note to the other loader page. So that people know it.)