Camera.Listener addListener removeListener [TODO]


29-08-2010 12:51:15

I just need to confirm that Camera.Listener is not exactly what we would expect.
Mogre.Camera.Listener derives from Mogre.MovableObject.Listener but do not add it's own functions:
Take a look at
Was this intentionally done ?
I'm asking because PreRender PostRender for camera can be very useful.


19-09-2010 01:28:20

Do you think this is a bug or a point for the todo list?
In this case it could be useful to add it to the Mogre bugtracker. (also used for feature requests)


19-09-2010 09:47:21

It is a TODO but I have made a mistake anyway.
Since Camera class do make use of MovableObject:Listener.

The problem is that Camera have addListener() and removeListener() with a parameter type of Camera:Listener.
Unfortunately addListener and removeListener are not implemented in Mogre.Camera and Camera:Listener is also not implemented.


19-09-2010 14:59:36

I added an entry to the bug/feature tracker: ... velistener

Also I will write a message to manski who currently improves the Mogre autowrapper. I suppose he will try to include the missing methods.


19-09-2010 18:16:20

You are doing a great job, I appreciate it.


19-09-2010 18:56:53

I didn't improve any code.
I just try to manage public information - but thanks for your compliment :D