MHydrax Download


30-08-2010 12:40:54

Hi there,
I am interested in downloading MHydrax for my project I am doing, but I can't seem to get a valid download link.
When I click on the attachment on viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9229 I get "Unable to deliver file." on ... php?id=110

Can anybody help out by providing a download link? Thanks! :D


31-08-2010 11:35:12

The 0.5 download should work again now.


06-09-2010 11:49:20

To avoid dead links it's a good reason to use a public repository for MHydrax. :wink:


17-09-2010 12:40:35

The 0.5 download should work again now.

Maybe I'm doing soemthing wrong but I can't see it working. Is there a possibility to downlaod it anyway?


17-09-2010 16:29:31

The first attachment link in the MHydrax thread should work.