Is is bad to use Winforms input?


10-09-2010 14:23:58


I was wondering if it's bad to use the default input that is used with the tutorials. I was pretty excited to use MOGRE until i found out i had to use yet another library such as DirectInput to handle ...well...input.

What's wrong with using the Windows.Forums why of handling input? Is the only reason because people wouldn't be able to use joysticks and such? If all we plan to use it keyboard and mouse would it be ok to stick with this input method?

Thanks in advance!


10-09-2010 15:28:48

There's nothing wrong with using the WinForms events. I usually use WinForms for my editors without any other input library and in the game I tend to use MOIS or DirectX for keyboard and controller and WinForms or the normal windows event queue for mouse events.