How to create a wrapper?


15-09-2010 11:04:26

Hey everybody,

I hope this is not a stupid question, but can somebody (maybe you mystoke :D ) explain how a wrapper can be created?

I think there are lots of addons that could be wrapped by other people who are interested and not all by the Mogre maintainers. I don't want to critize the maintainers! :!: It's just to have more addons in shorter time because more people are working on it.

Maybe somebody who knows how to could explain it on an easy way. It doesn't need to be a nice written tutorial some general instructions and refernces to other tutorials are greta as well.
I'm willing to learn everything that is needed for it! :!:



15-09-2010 23:13:48

You should to have a good C++ and C# knowledge.
Then there are 2 techniques for wrapping an add-on.
1) C++/CLI
2) P/invoke

How to use these wrapping techniques you can find in books or tutorials.
Somewhere in the Mogre forum is a discussion about wrapping. There one or more online resources about C++/CLI were posted. (Maybe by user Marioco?)
Or you search on the internet.

On Wikipedia is an overview and maybe useful links on the bottoms: