IRC Channel


26-09-2010 14:20:50

I'm sorry if this was brought up before, but I was wondering if we have a dedicated IRC channel for Mogre?

I know there is an Ogre one, but I was wondering if we have one specifically for the Mogre sub-community?


26-09-2010 18:52:31

since the mogre community is quite small, there is no irc channel that have been set up. Dunno if people could be interested by one, could be a good idea for simple question related to mogre / .net or just as a hang out spot for mogre user :)


26-09-2010 19:24:40

OK, so I've created a channel for us then :-)


I think in the Ogre channel Mogre stuff can get drowned out. A dedicated channel for Mogre can be useful.


26-09-2010 23:38:20

Thanks for creating the channel. I registered a nick (MogreMST) at freenode today, but the channel is invite only, so I was not able to join it. I think the channel should be open for all users, so everybody who has questions about Mogre can ask them right away without waiting for somebody to invite them to the channel first.


27-09-2010 00:00:48

OOPS! Did not mean to make it invite only... explains why I'm all alone in the dark there... lol

Will fix that now :-)


27-09-2010 00:06:20

I only used IRC in the time of playing an online game.
In other cases I never used IRC and have no huge interest (just my point of view).
Even ICQ I don't use. I don't like chats so much.
But in general this could be useful in some cases, if people are interested. (For common chatting or tiny questions.)
Is it possible to change the IRC channel settings, so that visitors can use it without registration?
If this works fine, we could add a notice to the Mogre wiki page.


27-09-2010 00:07:49

OK I think it should be fixed now...


27-09-2010 00:09:08

I think the channel should be completely open. No need for invite, registration, etc. Anyone can pop in and ask a question.


27-09-2010 00:34:12

I clicked to irc://freenode/#mogre and the site opened.
But I couldn't figure out how to join the channel. And a freenode server was not listed.
A more easy solution would be nice:
Click a link (e.g. in the wiki), enter your wanted nickname and then you are in the channel (by use of a website display).


27-09-2010 00:52:28

Mibbit is a pile of donkey poop.
If you use FireFox install the ChatZilla addon, otherwise use something like PChat or the freenode webchat interface.


27-09-2010 01:09:16

I'm using Chatzilla two. It's very user friendly.


27-09-2010 20:22:31

OK, can everybody GET INTO THE CHANNEL? :-)

Gatz, Buety, Smiley - and everybody else.

No excuses accepted.

(trying to make a serious face, face)


28-09-2010 13:20:16

Opera users tap: irc://