26-09-2010 21:15:20


I'm trying to learn how to use MyGUI.Managed, but I've hit a brick wall...

I downloaded the files from the MyGUI project sourcesafe downloads page and was able to reference them in the project. However when I do that the Gui class has no Initialise method, it doesn't have a constructor, the Instance singleton is null, and I can't find a platform class... what am I doing wrong?

I tried using mstoyke's .dlls from the EngineDependencies project, but I'm getting an exception with the message "A procedure imported by 'MyGUI.dll' could not be loaded".

I'm a little bit confused at this point:
  1. Is there any online resource for how to use / initialise MyGUI.Managed?[/*:m]
  2. Is the current version on the project's page not supported by Mogre 1.7? Am I supposed to compile it myself?[/*:m][/list:u]


26-09-2010 23:46:21

The MyGUI DLL in my EngineDeps repository works without problems. But you have to use all DLLs from this repository, it's not possible to mix them with other DLLs. So you can't just use the precompiled MyGUI DLL that I provide and use it with your own compiled Mogre DLL.

Sorry, I did not have time to change this, but the EngineDeps repository contains some older versions of certain libraries that work together. But I have changed some things in most of the libraries to make them work together well.

The wrapper in the official MyGUI repository works well with Mogre, but it was not easy to get it all running. That's why I changed some code in the wrapper to make it easier to use MyGUI with Mogre. In the EngineDeps repository there should be a file in the MyGUI folder that reflects the revision of MyGUI that I used. If you just check out this older revision from the MyGUI repository and diff my version against it, you should be able to see all the changes that I made.

It should be possible to port these changes to the latest MyGUI wrapper version.


26-09-2010 23:58:32

you have to use all DLLs from this repository, it's not possible to mix them with other DLLs. So you can't just use the precompiled MyGUI DLL that I provide and use it with your own compiled Mogre DLL.
It would be good when you add a readme.txt file to the dll directory.
There you write in the quoted note. So the dll users have a good chance to see this important note.
When this note is just written in the forum, the users could miss it by a higher chance Then they have trouble (wasted time for them) and write support requests in the forum (wasted time for us).
If you already created this file, just ignore this post.


27-09-2010 00:09:59

Maybe he also would like to see some code snippets (if you can provide them).
There is no need for fully working ones or much comments.
Just for looking how initialization and some interaction will be done. And in which way.


08-10-2010 17:12:06

I would also very like to have precompiled binaries for mygui vs2010 .net4 for mogre 1.7.1

so far i have all i need after switch to vs2010 ( successfully compiled latest mogrenewt ha ! )

but compiling mygui and then the wrappers seem to much for my poor c++/cmake skills

*bump* :)


08-10-2010 22:55:31

I gave up on MyGUI...

I tried compiling it myself, but I couldn't understand the code. I got MyGUI itself to compile, but they are using some pretty advanced stuff for the .Managed part which I couldn't figure out.

I then looked at Miyagi as well but also decided no to as I had some issues with it - the API isn't that clear, there is no editor, and I'm not so keen on a non-wrapped addon.

MQuickGUI looks good but isn't maintained.

In short the Mogre community could benefit a lot right now a brave soul who can pick up the glove on the GUI front...


09-10-2010 13:33:27

Compiling the MyGUI wrapper yourself is not trivial. It took me some time (2-3 days) just to understand how the wrapper works and how I can extend it. That's why I released the EngineDeps repository, because it might help other people to use MyGUI with Mogre. I will soon upgrade the projects to the latest MyGUI sources, merge the wrapper changes and send a patch to the MyGUI maintainers. Until then it's best to use the binary release of EngineDeps if you want to use MyGUI with Mogre.


10-10-2010 18:33:15

I don't think I was able in the end to get your EngineDeps version working. But maybe I gave up too soon.

Either it's not currently "official". Perhaps I can try and talk to the MyGUI guys and ask them to merge your changes? Would that be helpful?


11-10-2010 08:34:35

I will probably also have to stick to enginedeps.

Hurts me plenty though because i was happy having everything compiled in last version for the last 1.7.1 mogre.

This is really such a chaos, everytime i start new project i am not able to get all the versions to work together.

That's why i was happy with quickstart, only thing missing is gui, now for gui i have to use completely different set of binaries..

Somebody really has to put all the addons together or organize a process for everyone to compile against standard set of versions. :cry: