Does this work in Mogre?


01-10-2010 10:41:53

1. Plugin
Is it possible to create .net plugins for Mogre? I tried to implement Mogre.IPlugin and dllStartPlugin(),dllStopPlugin() but anyway Mogre Root.LoadPlugin(..) crushes with "cannot find symbol dllStartPlugin".

2. IWindowEventListener
Does anyone tried to use windowResize,Close itc. by Mogre.WindowEventUtilities.AddWindowEventListener(ourWindow, listener);? I have stopped on implementing interface IWindowEventListener member
unsafe public Ogre.WindowEventListener* _GetNativePtr()
return ???????
If "return null", listener methods windowResize,Close itc. are never be called

3. StaticGeometry.MaterialBucket.GeometryIterator
or how can we port Ogre/Sample/Grass?

4. ControllerManager,Controller,WaveformControllerFunction
Does we need to write something like this manually?

5. UserAny
does not exist in Mogre.
At now, I use dictionaries, but I think, something like Tag in winForms, may be useful. why not? Generic or dynamic Tag may improves performance as compared with object.

(sorry for english)


01-10-2010 10:56:34

Yes, that's possible, but you'll need the custom DllExport attribute.
Sample: ... /Plugin.cs

Derive from 'WindowEventListener' instead.