Where's the stable release ?


09-10-2010 01:42:12

Hi, I've been using MOGRE since it's beginning, with mostly good results, and sometimes bad. On day to day basis I use Ogre with C++.

I've noticed very bad thing here, there's basically no stable releases. I know it's open and free etc... but you need to provide stable releases every now and then, so that people can stick to it with their development, and when it's time to upgrade to another *newer* STABLE version, they will do it.

I was driven away from using MOGRE because of it's never changing beta status. I don't want to use something that is never providing stable releases, as I can't count on it.

I like MOGRE a lot, development with use of it is piece of cake, and extremely rapid, but currently just not effective.

So, my question would be, when is first stable release planned, if ever, and what made you never to release it in the first place ?

Cold beer for all MOGRE devs...


09-10-2010 13:28:57

Hello galateiTF, welcome to the Mogre forums.

The current Mogre version for Ogre 1.7.1 is pretty stable. I've not had any problems with it so far, but I could not test everything. That's why I already asked for feedback from the community many times. The only reason the current Mogre version is tagged as beta is missing feedback. I would consider it stable if more people would have posted somethng like "works for me".

I just don't want to call it stable now, because people might find some major new bugs in the wrapper and start asking why it was called stable in the first place. If we get positive feedback for the core features of Ogre, I will create a stable release.

So for now, it's stable for everything that I used and beta for the untested features.


10-10-2010 11:39:09

just a thought, but it could be a good idea to have a list (perhaps in the wiki ?) with the list of stable element of the core, and a list of unstable / untested element, so that people could know which is safe to use because it widely use by the mogre users and which is prone to error. This could allow to have a better picture of the current state of mogre.