[SOLVED] Intel 945GM + OpenGL 1.4 == Blank Textures ?


02-11-2010 09:30:56

I'm using GLSL to render a bunch of different textures on an Intel 945GM but they are all just blank.

I discovered that the Intel 945GM chipset only supports OpenGL 1.4 which doesn't have GLSL shader language support.

The GLSL fragment_program code I'm trying to execute is very simple:

uniform sampler2D Sampler;

void main(void)
vec2 texCoord = vec2( gl_TexCoord[0] );
gl_FragColor = texture2D(Sampler, texCoord);

This code is never executed and I get: Pass 0: Fragment program ... cannot be used - not supported.

Is there any way that I can do this another way?

It is quite important that we support OpenGL and DirectX even for older hardware.



02-11-2010 10:21:08

You can try writing a CG shader and use the 'arbfp1' profile, which should be supported by that Intel card.


05-11-2010 20:44:10

That worked, but then with DirectX all the textures were blank (even on an NVidia). I don't know why that would be...

I ended up sticking with a unified solution supporting both HLSL and CG...



05-11-2010 21:36:51

For DirectX, you have to add the ps_2_0 profile in the program definition:
profiles ps_2_0 arbfp1


06-11-2010 07:14:06

Yeah I did have that... still didn't work for me.