Image blocks with Mogre and TAO Framework


04-11-2010 09:24:30


I'm developing a Windows Forms application. I have a panel to render what you have to do with Mogre (the 3D part of the application.) The fact is that the application has a modal window where I have to render more things and I use the TAO Framework. The problem is that when displaying the rendered image with the Tao Framework, which is rendered with Mogre blocks.
I use DirectX with Mogre and OpenGL with TAO. I don't know if this will have something to do. Nor is whether it will be easier or may create multiple instances of Mogre root object and use Mogre for all and so forget the TAO Framework.
If someone can give me any suggestions perfect.

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance


04-11-2010 12:58:51

use CreateRenderWindow method to create multi render window.


08-11-2010 08:45:56

Hi @issingle, or I do not think I explained well, or not understood what I read, but my problem is different, since I'm using. NET Windows.Forms. The fact is that I have solved the problem by using OpenTK instead of the TAO Framework

Thanks :D