Mogre BSP Collision


17-12-2010 15:45:29


i'm a new user of Mogre and i make a little project.

I have nothing find about BSP Collision and MogreNewt. Only that i find, it is for Ogre.

I have read that a mesh of the map BSP is loaded inside inside the Plugin_BSPSceneManager.dll but i can find how to access to this mesh.

Have you, tutorial or sample about BSP and BSP Collision?

I have find this Topic:

But it's C++. When i see:
Ogre::MeshPtr BspLevel::ConvertToMesh(const Quake3Level& q3lvl){...
Const Quake3Level& q3lvl : What is in C#?

Have someone, a good sample? or a tutorial?

Sorry for my poor english.

Thanks for your reading and i hope that you response =).