IMPORTANT LINKS - an overview for add-ons, topics, etc.


19-12-2010 23:54:38

Here is an overview of important Mogre links.
I created this, because frequently newcomers ask or search for something, but can't find it quickly because there are many forum topics and information on other places.

Further important link and suggestions are welcome!
Just add a post to this topic. (Please do not write me a private message.)

First place

Don't miss the important Mogre notes and links of this forum post. (state of 2010, a little bit outdated)

In many cases you don't need to search for fresh Mogre binaries anymore.
Now it's easy to build Mogre yourself by help of the MogreBuilder.
Wiki: here
Sources: here

Information about Mogre depencies you find here.
(Note: It's not needed to install all linked installers of vcredist. Read the text!)


The MOGRE wiki page is the central place for Mogre information
It contains links to the Mogre introduction, Mogre tutorials, code snippets, etc.

Unfortunately the wiki search is very bad.
So I suggest to use the Google search engine.
Add " " as prefix for your search keys and you will get only results of the wiki.
Click here to call the wiki search by Google.

An other way is searching for tagged wiki pages.
Note: Each wiki page can get tags (keywords), which improves the wiki functionality (e.g. display similar pages).
If you want to see all wiki pages related to Mogre, then use this link for a mogre tag search.
The result list is sorted alphabetically, not by relevance! At the bottom you can click to the next pages.
Note: The tag search shows only pages which have tags. Unfortunately not all pages are tagged. If you are logged-in, you can see the tags on the right sight. There you also can add new tags.

We are happy about everybody who improves the wiki!
Even tiny edits (corrections, new links, new code snippets, ...) and bug reports are very welcome.
You can log in with username and password of the Ogre main forum.

If you find dead wiki links in the forum, please report them!
In most cases the wiki pages still exists.
The error page of dead links contains an inconspicuous link called Missing Links Forum Topic.
Just copy and past the URL to this forum topic and we will fix the link!
The reason of the link problems is the change of our wiki software, which uses a different symbol for spaces. When we know the "dead" pages, we can "bugfix" it and the old links will work again.

Forum topics

Topic: Mogre 1.7.x
Discussion and bug reports for the current Mogre release.
The first post contains useful Mogre notes and links, e.g. for .NET 4.0 binaries.

Topic: In Development: Mogre Terrain and Paging
The current Terrain Scene Manager will be removed in Ogre 1.8. The replacement is a new terrain system. For use with Mogre we need a special wrapper. User mstoyke developed a wrapper prototype. Now we need people who test it and give feedback.

Topic: Mogre quick start projects
A lightweight start project that can be used to quickly get something running. It still contains some useful add-ons and can be used as base for own applications.

Topic: Full stack for a game built in C#?
In this thread Mogre users wrote which add-ons and libraries they use for their projects (e.g. Input, GUI, network). Feel free to report which ones you use.

Topic: Mogre SDK development
If you have/had problems or confusions with the Mogre installer, please report it here. Also suggestions are welcome.

Topic: How to get write access to the Mogre repository.

Topic: Mogre 1.6.5
For questions related the old Mogre version 1.6.

Topic: Ogre with wpf client
Useful for everybody who is interested in WPF usage.

Add-ons for GUI

Miyagi - A GUI system developed specifically for Mogre.
Wiki page: Miyagi
Forum thread: here
Look to the (huge) forum thread for code snippets. Also use this for questions, bug reports, etc.

MyGUI - A common Ogre GUI system, which contains a comfortable editor and a .NET wrapper.
Wiki page: Mogre MyGUI wrapper
A specific forum thread doesn't exists and currently no published code snippets for Mogre. But the usage should be similar to Ogre snippets. Look to the wiki page for further information. Don't miss the Ogre related wiki page MyGUI!

Hikari - Adding Adobe Flash (e.g. a menu).
Wiki page: Hikari Wrapper for MOGRE
Forum thread: here

Makarui - Adding Adobe Flash.
Makuri is a wrapper for Akuri for adding to a Mogre application.
Makuri forum topic: here
Akuri website: here

Gorilla - A very fast 2D rendering engine for Ogre.
Wiki page: Gorilla - short description
Forum topic: here
MogreGorilla - a wrapper for Mogre
Gorilla.NET - a port for Mogre

Add-ons for physics and collision detection

MogreNewt - A library for physics and collision. It contains the Newton library and a Mogre wrapper.
Forum thread: MogreNewt 2.0 [Binary on first post]
Unfortunately the wiki pages weren't updated for a while. However - they contain some useful information. Especially look to the further links at the wiki page bottoms.
By the way: Forget Newton 1.53 - use Newton 2.x instead. It contains the beta tag (since 2008), but works well.
Wiki: MogreNewt
Wiki: Collision detection with Newton - basic knowledge

PhysX - A common physics and collision engine, owned by Nvidia.
You can use this library with Mogre by the PhysX Candy Wrapper.
Note: This engine works also on computers with AMD/ATI graphic cards. There is no need for an Nvidia card.
Wiki: PhysX Candy Wrapper
Forum: Mogre + PhysX

Bullet - An other physics and collision engine.
By help of the BulletSharp wrapper you can use it with Mogre.
Wiki: BulletSharp
Forum: Mogre & BulletSharp

Add-ons for scene beautification

MHydrax - A great water simulation.
Wiki: Managed Hydrax Wrapper
Forum: Managed Hydrax Wrapper

SkyX - Simulation for sun, sky and clouds.
2) We recommend the wrapper called MSkyX. It's the second SkyX wrapper and supports newer Mogre/SkyX releases.
Forum: here
Sources: here
1) The first (but outdated) wrapper for SkyX is still available.
Wiki: SkyX Wrapper for MOGRE and SkyX
Forum: SkyX Wrapper for Mogre

CaelumSharp - An alternative simulation for sun, sky and clouds.
It's a C# port of the Ogre add-on Caelum, which is configurable by config files or code.
Wiki: CaelumSharp and Caelum
Forum: CaelumSharp

Other add-ons

MogreFreeSL - Use the Free Sound Library to Mogre to embedd sound.
Wiki: MogreFreeSL
Forum: MogreFreeSL Development

IrrKlang - A Sound Library usable with Mogre.
Wiki: IrrKlang for MOGRE

Mogre Procedural Geometry Library - simply create 3D objects by source code
Wiki: here
Forum: here

Useful stuff for your .NET application

log4net - Powerful library for creating customizable logfiles
Website: Apache log4net

Customised file dialogs - Sweet project by which you can add GUI elements to the file open and file save dialog (e.g. a preview image of your scene file).
Website: Extend OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog the easy way

Icon search engines with the option to filter by license:

Free icon collections:
Note: Not all are allowed for commercial usage. ... 51414.html ... stal_Clear ... sammlungen ... olpkg.mspx ... m-download ... -templates

More inspirations for libraries you find in the topic Full stack for a game built in C#?

You know something important, which is not listed here?
Just create a post in this topic (no private message) and share some information about.

Update log:
2010-12-26: Added MogreFreeSL + MHydrax + CaelumSharp + SkyX
+ Forum topic How to get write access to the Mogre repository + topic Mogre quick start projects
2010-12-30: Added Hirari + Makuri
2011-01-07: Added IrrKlang
2011-07-07: Added section "first place"
2011-08-27: Added Gorilla
2011-09-11: Added WPF forum topic
2012-01-26: Added BulletSharp
2012-09-01: Updated SkyX, because of a new/second wrapper
2012-09-01: Added MogreBuilder
2014-01-06: Added Mogre Procedural Geometry Library
2014-02-08: Added log4net, Customised file dialogs, link to Mogre depencies, links for icons


10-07-2012 19:42:18


What is the best free particle system available for MOGRE 1.7.1 ? Also what network library is suitable for MOGRE 1.7.1 ?



15-07-2012 01:20:21


I don't have much experience/knowledge about particles.
Nevertheless I added many useful links to the Particle page in the Ogre wiki.

Ogre contains a particle system (ParticleFX plugin), which can be used for free.
Alternatively you can consider to use the ParticleUniverse plugin (costs only 10 US-Dollar). I often heard that people like it. I suppose it offers more/nicer effects than the Ogre particle system.

To use ParticleUniverse with Mogre you need a wrapper. Currently there are 2 ones.
1) PUDotNet - Unfortunately without documentation (e.g. how to build)
2) MParticleUniverse - It has a good build documentation (here) and I started to include it to the MogreBuilder as optional task. (The current state you find here in the issue tracker.)


Just look for any .NET network library, which seems to be fine for you. It's independent of Mogre, because it doesn't make direct interactions. The newtork library communicates with your application and your application with Ogre/Mogre. So the "glue" between both you have to implement yourself (as you need).
There are two forum topics where people tell which middleware they use in their applications (including Network). Look here and here.
For network people listed RakNet, enet, Lidgren, MessagePack and XNA.
For my application I use my own written network protocols. For this I use easy usable network classes of .NET (TcpListener, TcpClient and UdpClient of the namespace System.Net.Sockets)


29-08-2012 22:38:51

You should add the second SkyX wrapper.


01-09-2012 13:28:38

Thanks for your great hint!
I didn't know it. Now it's added in the list.


30-12-2012 13:35:17

I'd like to download the last SkyX wrapper but I can't find it in the given url.
I just got a message "This project currently has no downloads." in the download section :/


30-12-2012 14:30:11

You have to compile it yourself.
Or download it from here


30-12-2012 15:21:40

Or download it from here
Note: The precompiled dll file of MSkyX works only with a specific version Mogre version. (Unfortunately there is no note of the version number.)

If you use an newer version of Mogre (e.g. compiled with the MogreBuilder), then there could be compiler problems.
It's sad, that the OgreMain.dll file isn't present at the download link. So it's not possible to use that Mogre.dll file.

I found a notice at the MSkyX forum topic.
Binaries included in bin folder of source are built against Mogre 1.7.4 and .Net 4.0.
So it should be usable with the latest Mogre version (compiled by the MogreBuilder).


30-12-2012 16:29:17

Unfortunately, I'm using Mogre 1.7.1 but I'll try upgrading to 1.7.4.
Thanks for your answers.


30-12-2012 16:41:37

To switch your application from Mogre 1.7.1 to 1.7.4 should be easy.
As far as I know the Ogre/Mogre API didn't change. 1.7.x releases are bugfix releases.


30-12-2012 17:46:40

Unfortunately, I'm using Mogre 1.7.1 but I'll try upgrading to 1.7.4.
If you want to compile Mogre and some of the addons by yourself, you can use
my MogreComponentsBuilder. It uses the MogreBuilder and its easy to use but not finished.


30-12-2012 17:54:21

Oh great, I didn't see this tool !
I'll try it. Thanks again :wink: