Light Mapping


10-01-2011 12:05:01

I don't know if this is the correct thread, so just move the post if needed.

Anyways: I came across this wiki article:

I do not know enough about wrapping etc to do this, but personally I think that it would
be great to have such a tool in mogre.

Is this too much work to get into mogre?..


10-01-2011 15:18:08

Ok, I moved your post to a new topic, because it's general and not related to the SDK.
(An other case would be if you would offer a demo application which shows how to use light mapping. :wink: )

You don't need to wrap this code.
Wrapping means to use a precompiled library (e.g. written in C++) and write a "language translation layer" for access by C# to it's API.

This is just a short code snippet, so the best is to port the source code.
So "re-write" the same code in C#.

In the wiki are some notes about porting Ogre code (C++) to Mogre (e.g. C#).
OGRE to MOGRE - Guidelines for converting OGRE C++ code to MOGRE C# code

I hope I could help you.
If you have problems, tell it. Maybe somebody can help you.

If your port works well, then please publish it :wink: