(Solved) Multiple SceneManagers


11-01-2011 22:01:09

I have recently returned to MOgre after playing around with a game engine and decided it was abit bloated good but had alot i did not need.
I am working on a ScreenManager / Screen system ( More accuratly its a game state managment system ).

I was woundering if there is any reason not to have a SceneManager per screen as this would make cleaing up of resources quite easy.
I could just as well create a few list's in the Screen base class to hold Entitys, lights etc, but having a scene manager per screen would make things much faster
and easier.

Any thoughts on this would be nice.

Regards Xain Faith.


After reading some more it seems it would not be a great idea since popup screens can be loaded from within another screen having two screen managers in that kind of isntance would not work.

if anyone wants a GameWindow framework and some simple State managment code please pm me :) as its all done now.


12-01-2011 10:18:45

If you want to sell or give away an application or framework, it's useful to publish it in the Showcase forum section. There many people will read it. This topic here in the Mogre sub-forum isn't mentioned very much.