RenderToVertexBuffer usage in Mogre ?


12-01-2011 14:34:26

Hello everyone

I was not around for a couple of weeks because I am deeply troubled to implement folowing things :) I will report its mogre code to everywhere on the planet if I can get it to work!.

Now the question is that I am trying to use OpenGL feature Transfrom feedback with Mogre by RenderToVertexBuffer Class but I am having some glitches. The original post in ogre forums about my struggle to the unlimited bullet hole decals is this:

And this is my post about my problems with RenderToVertexBuffer usage:

I am sure this is not a problem about Mogre but I just wanted to ask to be sure


12-01-2011 20:23:55

I can't help you, because I never did something like that.

I just remember these wiki pages about this topic: ... h+by+MOGRE


13-01-2011 08:51:29

Yeah this kind of implementation is really rare that's why I am kind of in pain. But it is really an interesting technique if you look it from technical standpoint :) (Check it out if you have time Beauty As this feature is just added in 2008 GSOC by Noman it is also normal that people did not started to use it as it only works for OpenGl with newer Nvidia cards. It still waits DirectX 10 plugin for the implementation in DirectX. Anyway I just posted because I have no answer form the OGRE forums in a month so :) Just to let you know I will share everything if I can manage to pull this off

And thanks for editing the faulty URL :)


13-01-2011 22:02:08

Thanks for the link. I looked to it, but shadows I don't need and don't care. (Maybe this can change in the future.)
Generally you're right. On low level you can write very optimized stuff.
Currently I "just" create dynamic objects by the ManualObject class. It's ok for static objects, which will only created on scene loading. An other point would be, when I would like to modify or extend 3D models at runtime.

Related to your Buffer problems. I suppose this technique isn't only related to Ogre. So maybe there are other websites or forums where you can find more detailed information or examples. If the problem is specific for the Ogre implementation, then it's hard. It's just an idea.