What gui to use with 1.7.1


13-01-2011 19:10:58

I am abit lost as to what gui to use with Mogre 1.7.1
i really would like to have MyGui working but it seems there is no wrapper for Mogre 1.7.1

if anyone knows where i can find on or if i need to build one from source where can i find it and what steps are involved.
any help would be very much apprecated.

if you are using a differnt gui, please give a breif description on what it has and how well it works, must be skinable.
and your overall impression and again where to find it / build instrcutions etc.

Thanks i really do apprecate it.

Regards XainFaith


16-01-2011 21:37:09

Hi Xain,

I recently went myself through the process of putting together all the parts for a full engine and researched which GUI addon to use.

My personal recommendation is to use mstoyke's bundle of Mogre + MyGUI + PhysX + a few more (you don't have to use the ones you don't need).

In this bundle MyGUI is slightly modified and in fact fixed so it works with Mogre.

You can find mstoyke's bundle here.


16-01-2011 21:38:34

Sorry in relation to the last part of your question if you use mstoyke's bundle you can download the MyGUI editor and it will work (in fact I think it is included in the bundle).

MyGUI is fully skinnable.


18-01-2011 21:14:02

The bundle of mstoyke seems to be nice.
The disadvantage is, that he has no intension to update this bundle. As long as it's fitting your needs, it's fine, but if you need modifications (e.g. a newer Mogre version or you have problems with a different add-on), then you can't use them. (These modified binaries aren't mixable with "common" binaries.)
Here you find the discussion topic about this bundle:

A GUI alternative for Mogre is Miyagi:

If you don't need the GUI inside of the render window, you could use Windows.Forms or WPF or external .NET libraries for GUI.

If you don't know the new forum topic IMPORTANT LINKS, have a look to it. It contains useful stuff:


20-01-2011 21:14:27

The disadvantage is, that he has no intension to update this bundle.
And I think I just changed my mind about this ;) Just have some patience as I'm still trying to prepare everything for the upcoming Ogre 1.8 release and I have very little time at the moment that I can spend on the project.

Nevertheless, the enginedeps repository contains everything that you might need to get started with Mogre and the version is not too old compared to other alternatives that you can find out there in the BMI (big, mighty internet ;) ).


21-01-2011 01:36:43

I haven't had much luck with the mygui wrapper but miyagi is doing quite well so far I've found

active and helpful developer too who adds stuff and fixes things quickly and frequently :D