Common everybody!


22-01-2011 11:49:33

It's Saturday morning and it's a whole new day of open source coding started.

Get in the IRC channel! :-)



22-01-2011 21:11:36

I wish! Whole day of english paper writing for me :|


29-01-2011 23:19:54

Maybe 2 weeks ago I tried to enter the IRC channel, but I didn't know how to do.
Now I found out. (I didn't use IRC for a very long time.)
Well, the channel was empty, but now I have the skill to do it again. 8)


30-01-2011 04:07:50

#mogre never has any users :(

but #ogre3d is packed


30-01-2011 13:00:56

Oh, I found out, I wasn't on the right place.
My browser refers to the "Mibbit" WebIRC channel.
Now I recognized, that I just created a channel on a random server.
I suppose "freenode" is a server name, but this isn't listed in the server list of Mibbit.


30-01-2011 13:03:12

Ok, Google did help me:


30-01-2011 19:04:04

Yes it's #mogre on freenode. The channel is set with the channel bot and all.

There some users sometimes, joker is often there and smiley and gantz pop in on occasion.

O made a point for myself to idle on the channel but I didnt have am Internet connection this whole week! My phone line is broken. I've been posting here either from work or from my iPhone. Tomorrow the phone company's engineer is coming and hopefully I'll have my Internet connection back up. This past week was a nightmare, like living in a cave... :-). Without the 3G phone I would have died! Lol

Anyway I'm hoping to be back online tomorrow and I will be back on the channel.


31-01-2011 11:55:09


And my internet speed is a lot faster. Oh happy days.

I'm now back on the channel, but have to rush to work.

See you all around, and don't be shy - idle in the channel, help the Mogre community grow :-)


31-01-2011 15:33:30

amirabiri, you could add these IRC links to the Mogre wiki page:

(Yes, do also publish the webchat links, because I suppose that many users doesn't use or know about IRC.)