05-02-2011 23:27:27

Hi. How i can create water in my game? I found a lot of tutorials for ogre (in c++), but i can't find anything for mogre. I try use translucent texture, but this don't look good.


06-02-2011 01:08:51

If the tutorial is written for Ogre, most likely you can use it with Mogre. You'll just have to translate from C++ to C# instead. If you have problems with translating a particular piece of code, you could post that and people might be able to help you.

The forum also has a sticky post called "IMPORTANT LINKS - an overview for add-ons, topics, etc." at http://www.ogre3d.org/addonforums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13814 which lists some add-ons and such. They have a link MHydrax which might be a solution for you.



07-02-2011 17:21:16

This tutorial use .dll library, whose i can't open in c#.


10-02-2011 00:08:47

Hydrax is great.
It works fine with Mogre 1.6.

Unfortunately the current version of the MHydrax wrapper has problems with Mogre 1.7.
The author tried to do an update, but there are still problems related to Mogre 1.7.
User amirabiri started to write a new wrapper for Hydrax for suite use with Mogre 1.7.

In my application I just use a very simple water surface.
It's a plane with a slowly scrolling water texture, which is visible from both sides.

Maybe the Scene Manager Myrddin Landscape Plugin is an alternative.

Currently it's outdated (for Mogre 1.6?), but in December the author said he want to update it to the current Ogre/Mogre version and publish everything as open source.

The Editable Terrain Manager is also a scene manager which can show water. Maybe it's also outdated? (Have a look to the latest forum posts, especially the last one of the author.)


14-02-2011 20:25:49

How I can use hydrax? how I can add these to my game?

I add referenct to .dll and how i can create water?


14-02-2011 21:31:00

If I remember right, you don't need to add a reference.
Instead you need to include a directory of the Hydrax wrapper with *.cs files to your project.

Either the description is in a text file at the download package or it was published in a forum post.
You can search for it in the old Managed Hydrax forum thread:

I there was also a demo application, but I'm not shure, if it also was available for Mogre.


15-02-2011 02:56:35

hate to rain on this picnic, but I've been having problems getting (m)Hydrax to compile correctly and run (run-time error), so I have to use the binary mhydrax.dll that raygeee kindly compiled for us here The good news is that I was able to tie the skyx sun position into the mhydrax sun position setter, but since i'm stuck with the binary, I can't set up any moon reflections in mogre from skyx


17-02-2011 20:48:11

Have anybody tutorials how i can use hydrax?


17-02-2011 21:56:27

I'm not shure, but there could be an example in the downloadable Hydrax package.
(Not the wrapper one, the original C++ Hydrax package. The C# code should be similar.)

Look to the download section of the Hydrax wiki page.
The second link seems to contain examples.

Additionally there is a link to the Hydrax API documentation. (currently related to Hydrax 0.5) This could help you, too.

Also you can have a look to the Hydrax forum: