Mogre Questions


18-02-2011 11:18:03

Hi all,

I'm a novice programmer, with some basic knowledge of C/C++, and have been wanting to try my luck at making a game on my own (Yes, not an easy task, but I reasoned that I'd gain valuable experience whether I produced a final result or not).

I soon decided on using Ogre3D, because well, it's free, and the community/tutorials seem excellent.

But that soon had to change, since in the mean time I started looking into C# (C++ always seemed a bit too complicated and messy for my taste).
Since I settled on C#, XNA seemed like the obvious choice. But after 2 months or so on it I had had enough. It may have potential, but building my own 3d engine is not something i want to spend my time on, plus it is sorely lacking in tutorials and code samples.

And then, I stumbled onto Mogre. At first it seems to combine the best of both worlds, a great 3d engine that I can access using C#. I just have a few questions I need to ask first, before completely moving over to Mogre.

1) Not all Ogre tutorials have been converted to Mogre. Would reading through those though give me enough info for me to do the equivalent in C#/Mogre ?

2) Since making a game is the final goal, not just rendering stuff, are how well are 3rd party plug-ins supported by Mogre?

3) Typically, how long does it take for an update to the Ogre engine to be added to Mogre?

Thanks in advance for any info, and for making this excellent piece of software available to C# enthusiasts!


18-02-2011 12:34:41

Hello and Welcome

As a member of a team working on a 3D Shooting simulator which is multi display (1 to 8 ), multi render window (2 per display) will have realistic sky, water, forest, terrain and possibly everything else. A team of 4 newly graduates are working on it for 6 months. And we have a beta in our hands with %75 of features working. So for your questions:

1) Anything you have seen in ogre can be directly or with a little effort can be converted and used in mogre. Mogre is 1-1 on ogre in every aspect if there is a function call in ogre you have it in mogre. We do it all the time :D. Also all the basic principles and workings are exactly the same. There is of course some hints and pressure points of mogre but you can pick them up in the forums while being exposed to us. People around usually very helpful more than one occasion just after you post something of a query people update it. (Respects and kudos to smiley80 for this he patched a part of miyagi which he maintains in 15 minutes for us.)

2) This is the actual place where a little bit of problems arise. Although you will have everything basically working, we have a little less to choose from and when plugins move on there is always a little gap behind them. but this did not hindered us just caused We have sky, water day/night sound input and GUI in place. Physics is a little bit problematic.

3) Depends on if you are going to help or not? :) for example my stoke is now working to get us ready to move on to 1.8 as fast as we can. By the way there is still time for Ogre to release 1.8. So this means our maintainer is doing an excellent job right now. We are already at the same version with Ogre 1.7.2 and this took about 2-3 weeks maybe. But of course keep in mind that it is all about what is going to be patched and updated. If possible try to build you mogre on your own that is a little bit hard but you will understand the process better there is very good help on that topic.

These are my own opinions of course But I and my team is very satisfied for now both about the community and the mogre


20-02-2011 14:06:47

Hey, thanks for the info :wink: