Bug in MogreFreeSL [SOLVED]


23-02-2011 14:02:38


i was starting to add sound to my project and found a minor bug in the MogreFreeSL regarding camera position update.

MogreAddons / MogreFreeSL / FSLOgreCS / MogreCameraFSLListener.cs:

public FSLPosition Position
Mogre.Vector3 position = _renderable.Position;
return new FSLPosition(position.x, position.y, position.z);

the position should be Mogre.Vector3 position = _renderable.RealPosition; as is used in the Update() method few lines up.

Seems the soundmanager update method uses directly the Position property and thus the camera position is left wrongly in object space

Could someone with write permissions fix it ? :-)


23-02-2011 17:42:03


But still I highly encourage to copy (into your code - MogreCameraFSLListener) or create your own listener (IFSLListener).
I'm crazy busy for some time now, but there is a plan to make MogreFreeSL into ManagedFreeSL breaking it's Mogre dependency.
That's why there are all those additional classes/interfaces.


24-02-2011 08:32:10

Yeah i noticed pretty much everything is abstracted out of Mogre.

I'm still checking which audio library to use, this one was just the quickest to try :-)