Final MOGRE release


28-02-2011 05:05:45


I have just installed MOGRE SDK and evaluating it.

This SDK is in beta stage.

So can anyone tell me when final version (non-beta) of MOGRE will release. Or is there any specific schedule about release?

Thanks and regards,


28-02-2011 09:25:25

If it's Mogre 1.7.x you should use it without any doubts.


28-02-2011 10:44:53

Yes, I am using "MogreSDK_1.7.1_beta_r72.exe" installer.

But the dlls in this version are not compatible with Visual studio 2010 because application fails to run.

So i have downloaded Vis 2010 compatible dlls from the link below

Please see the download-> Visual C# 2010 / .NET 4.0 section of this page. These dlls are compatible with Vis 2010.

So please tell me whether there is seperate SDK available for .net4 /Vis2010??


28-02-2011 20:41:54

I said it many times before, Mogre 1.7.1 is pretty stable and the only reason I call it a beta release is that we did not get enough feedback from the users.