MogreNewt Visualisation tool


03-03-2011 13:31:38

I have been working on a little util for myself to contruct compound collison and to generally visualise MogreNewt. But after the birth of my second child , I now, find I have no more time and I'm just too tired to continue. :shock: So to ensure that someone can benefit, learn, I'm making it available.

Load mesh ( move, scale , rotate)
Place Collision primitives( move, scale , rotate)
Create compound collison , (drag tree node on compound node, right click to build/ or deconstruct)
Import/export ( MogreNewt serialise or XML serialise)

I'm afraid there is no documentation, check code and experiment( I'm not claiming the coding standard is perfect, please feel free to comment on it and suggestion are always welcome)


Download links ( source,application for version VS2008 & VS2010 )[attachment=0]Front.jpg[/attachment]


03-03-2011 15:04:04

Is it possible for you to move it to another domain the link you have provided is banned in the region I live and I am very interested in such a tool :) or maybe another solution.


03-03-2011 16:09:36


I've added a attachment, it contains only the source code + csproj + sln. you will need to ensure the normal Mogre stuff is added. eg Media, plugin etc


03-03-2011 17:08:21

Thank you.


06-03-2011 21:55:46

Thanks for publishing your interesting tool. :D

Useful would be to create a public repository for this tool. Then it's accessable for other users for a long time.
Additionally then it's easy for other users to commit changes. (comment lines, additions, etc.)
For example use BitBucket as repository.


06-03-2011 22:09:05

The file hoster is not nice.
I was confused how to download the files.
After a while I found out how to handle, but it was a little bit complicated.

Additionally I suppose the download will not be available for a long time. Often the files of file hosters will be deleted after a while.
So a repository would be a better solution. :wink:


06-03-2011 22:13:30

@ AliAkdurak
I can send you the complete project by e-mail.
Just tell me which version you like to have. (VS2008 or VS2010)
I hope you e-mail account accepts sizes of ~10MB. If not, I will temporarily upload it to my private webspace.
Write me an e-mail to beautyod at


06-03-2011 22:18:04

MogreNewt has a "debugger" with possebility to display the bodies which are in the Newton world.
What's the difference or advantage of your application?


07-03-2011 09:22:16


The application uses the MogreNewt debugger to display the newton bodies. I wanted a way where I could try manually build up a compound collision type. For example if I had a chair made up of 6 blocks, 4 legs, a horizontal seat and a sloping back rest. I wanted and for this simple example can manually place,scale and rotate the Newton box coillisions around the Mesh and then combine them to make a corresponding compound collision.

I did start a google project, but found I could push the code up from work( firewall blocking ). And I don't have access to a PC after hours.

I realise this application may not be of any purpose to anyone, but maybe someone, can use the code.


07-03-2011 12:45:19

I wanted a way where I could try manually build up a compound collision type.
This is interesting and could also be useful for my own application.

Currently I use Convex Hull for creation of collision shapes.
Some of my 3D models I splitted into sub-parts to get a better collision shape (by use of convex hull for each sub-part).
So maybe your tool could be useful for me.

Someone of our Mogre community develops a level editor, calles Glue Editor.

If you have plans to continue the development of your tool, maybe you can use some functionality of this editor.
The code is public available and the author helps when you have specific questions about the code.

Thanks for creating the repository.
If you give me admin rights, I can upload the source code there.

How do you handle the different source code for VS2008 and 2010 on your hard drive?
Do you have 2 directories with redundand source code? (bad for syncronizing)
Or do you have one directory with code and create both VS projects from it?
This could be useful to know before I check in the code.


07-03-2011 14:47:28

Hello Beauty

I have PMed you for an email address to give you admin rights for the Google repository.

as for the code layout
One directory with code and create both VS projects from it?


08-03-2011 02:23:24

Firstly, congratulations on getting your project as far as you did. I know how hard it is to acheive that work life balance when your taking on a project such as this one. I like what you've done so far, and it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

I'm the developer of the Glue Editor. As Beauty has already mentioned it's purpose is essentially a level editor. I've put in a lot of work to get it where it is, and I've learned a lot in the process. I've always thought having a physics editor would be useful and I have plans to implement this functionality into my editor as well.

I don't have a proposal just yet but I'll keep an eye on this thread to see how things pan out.


17-03-2011 08:56:42

Thank you Beauty by the way for trying to send me a copy. I did not checked this thread because I did not have time to play with the microscope until now. I already downloaded it from the point where the author has attached it. It seems really nice and well build. I will play it with some more a code repository really may be a good option.


17-03-2011 14:05:39

I uploaded the rar packages and added the pictures to the repository.
Currently I didn't check in code. Sorry not much time now. (Also maybe I need to restructure it because of multiple VS usage.)

Download are here: ... loads/list


18-03-2011 10:18:06

I'll try upload the code/projects this weekend
I'm going to use the following format


18-03-2011 10:22:43

Thanks Beauty

for pushing the RAR file up



12-09-2011 21:35:18

I'll try upload the code/projects this weekend
I'm going to use the following format [...]

Nice to see that you are still visiting our Mogre forum.
Did you upload your source code to the repository?
(I don't mean the archive file, I mean each single file.)


22-09-2011 14:57:17

The Good news is yes, last night I got the chance and I finally figured out how to push/import files to Google.


04-10-2011 22:35:21

Nice to see your initial import to the SVN repository :D

Additionally I added your SVN commit as rar download archive.