Patch does not work


03-03-2011 23:19:25

I have downloaded the source for mogre, downloaded the source for ogre and use

hg import "c:\mogre\main\ogre patches\58266f25ccd2.patch"

to patch the folder and get the following error.

unable to find 'include/orgeanimable.h' for patching
2 out of 2 hunks failed.

Is there another command that is better?


04-03-2011 00:04:31

I downloaded patch from gnu win and put in the command.

It either fails miserably or wants me to type in the path of every single file, with no copy paste of course. I have tried a variety of p levels and starting it from various directories and it always fails.

I need to build mogre for vs 2008 or i would use mystokes distribution.

The really should be a less frustrating method to do this.


04-03-2011 09:52:59

I had problems patching the code, too. In the end, I used the patch function of tortoise svn to apply the patch, which worked flawlessly.