Caelum Method not found: 'UInt32 Mogre.Resource.get_Handle()


07-03-2011 12:04:31

Hello everybody

I am having some very troublesome error when trying to shutdown Caelum it says while trying to destroy the skydome or starsplanets stuff it could not find a function called "Method not found: 'UInt32 Mogre.Resource.get_Handle()" is it mogre related ? I will also ask at Caelum but I am in a bit of hurry to get it working. İf someone can shed some light.



07-03-2011 14:43:52

What version of Mogre do you use?
If it's not 1.7.1 (and doesn't look like it) you have to try to recompile from source against your version.


17-03-2011 11:51:06

Thank you for your answer Smiley80 I am sorry I did not respond earlier but mistake was my own stupidity. It works without problems.