Extracting Mesh from entity.


09-03-2011 13:30:16

I am trying to extract the vertices from an entity in order to create a navigation mesh for my model. I have created a model using 3ds max and exported it to a *.mesh file, later i load this into an entity and add it to my scene. But i am not able to retreive the vertex data through the entity object. i am using ogremax to export my mesh.
Am i doing this wrong?



09-03-2011 14:27:06

Have you tried using GetMeshInformation

check the WIKI for the following code GetMeshInformation


09-03-2011 14:56:32

I was looking at that a few hours ago, but i thought raycasting was only used for making 2d games look 3d, but i will take a look a the getmeshinformation method. I will get back to you once i have tried this out.


09-03-2011 15:03:00


returns Vector3[] vertices, this from what I undrstand is what you are looking for.


11-03-2011 08:48:59

i noticed something when playing around with that method, the indices sometimes not divisible by 3 and they leave a remainder. now from what i understand in 3d every model has to be created using triangles which undoubtedly has 3 sides.

Then what i did was look at the for loops and i noticed that they use the ++i iteration type not i++, when i changed them to i++ it worked just fine, could you confirm if this is a bug in the provided code or not? :)