24-03-2011 14:14:56


I've created dirty&hackish "wrapper" for Gorilla HUD library from ogre.

So if anyone finds it useful it could use some cleaning up, i bet there are some WTF as i am not good at c++ and managed c++ is nightmare for me.

it's missing few methods for LineList, QuadList and Polygon, i needed it for text HUD.


the binary is for mogre 1.7.1 .net2


24-03-2011 19:58:05


Little disappointed that you didn't include my WebColours though. ;)


24-03-2011 20:34:22

For now I'm using overlays, but some time ago I thought that it would be nice to have a Gorilla in Mogre.


24-03-2011 21:46:14

Little disappointed that you didn't include my WebColours though. ;)

yeah.. well.. as i said quick and dirty :-D

i never used webcolours even in html + css so.. looking on how much code the other stuff needed i just deleted it :-)

anyway should i wait for gorilla 2 to include some up/down scaling of fonts or should i try to hack it away myself ?
based on how quickly you produce code it may be worth to just wait a week and see what happens :-D

also thx for Gorilla obviously ;-)


02-04-2011 01:38:49

Nice. I had this on my to-do list for sometime in the distant future. You beat me to it :) I'll be happy to make improvements when I get around to it.


06-04-2011 05:29:54

neat, thanks


16-04-2011 15:16:37

I like to see your Gorilla wrapper - thanks (-:

What do you think about a public repository?
So it's more easy to others to improve and share the code.
Also it's available for long term. (common download often dies after a few weeks/months/years)


10-05-2011 14:29:51

Well if anyone likes to create a project out of it, then by all means, the code is in there and anyone can do whatever he pleases with it.

I personally don't have energy and/or skill with wrapping c++ to really make it clean and usefull and maintain it.
Also there will be new gorilla release soon ( or is ? i didn't check for quite some time ) which will be complete rewrite, so i doubt this will be useful anymore :)


24-05-2011 02:08:06

Anyone got a .NET4 version for MGorilla? seems the version provided doesn't work under .NET4...or someone counld tell me how to compile this to the version I need ( I compile it with OGRE1.73 successfully but when I use it in MOGRE, Exception was like that "MGorilla.dll invalid win32 application" ).


27-05-2011 16:00:31

you have to compile it against the mogre version you have, if you check the project in the archive you can see that it references mogre.dll and has includes from mogresdk171\includes and during linking uses ogremain.lib from the mogresdk also.

So if you are using 1.73 mogre you need to compile it against it. you don't need ogre at all for this, all should point to mogresdk dirs.

( also the project is set to .net 2 so you want to change that i think :-) )


07-08-2011 11:02:51

Now we also have a port called Gorilla.NET.


17-11-2012 19:56:12

cool this should save me some time as I don't have to whip up my own from scratch, thanks