Ogre render window in windowsform


03-04-2011 15:37:08

Hi, i'd like make a game editor (moving items, inserting new models) in c# with .net. I'd like use WindowsFormsAplication project. How i can insert ogre render window in windowsform


04-04-2011 15:15:15

Hey mharezlak96,

there is a pretty good tutorial for your question: Embedding Mogre in Windows.Forms
I think this is what you are looking for.


14-04-2011 09:58:57

But I'd like insert ogre render windows, only in part of windows. In this tutorial I didn't found information about insert to only part of windows. How I can do that?


15-04-2011 17:42:01

For example if you want to insert it into a Panel then you have to give the handle of it to the renderwindow. In the Tutorial there is the line
What Means that the whole Form is used. Use instead
to use a Panel where ogre is rendered into.

I hope this was your question :D


27-04-2011 18:27:25

Yes, use the Visual Studio GUI editor.
There add a Pannel to your form and resize it as you like.
The handle of the pannel you refer to the Mogre method.
You know how I mean?
If not, I will have a look to my source code.

By the way:
There is still a nice level editor for Mogre, written in C# called Glue Editor:
It's open source.