mogre thread issue


12-04-2011 11:24:33

please some one help me
i'm using mogre with windows form .... i tried to modify some picture on the main form (windows form ) during the loop of rendering ... but when i did that the rendering window freeze untill the modifying of the main window finished .... i tried to use thread ... but it didn't help.... maybe i didn't use it in the right way .... so please any help
sorry for my bad English ...


20-06-2011 08:31:14

Maybe the picture editing needs too much 'time'. Try to do the picture stuff in a different thread and only update the UI if anything is ready (the picture for example). You could use the Backgroundworker-component of WindowsForms but this is not a mogre related problem anymore. Running MOGRE in different thread is more difficult and not recommand (by me).

And we/I need more indormation about your 'i tried to use thread ... but it didn't help.'. What didn't work?