MogreSDK_1.7.1_beta_r72.exe Samples


28-04-2011 19:54:11

I have recently started playing with Mogre. I have been able to build the tutorials thanks to the great framework provided. One thing about the SDK installer, as I run it, it asks me to do certain things in order to build the Samples. Eventually the dependency checker says everything is ok, then the samples build. Eventually, after the SDK is finished installing, the Samples Browser comes up (making me assume that everything is ready for them to run). When I go to run any of the samples, it crashes. A cmd window appears, then it says the demo has stopped working.

I am on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Can anyone point me in the right direction to make these demos so that they run? Thanks!


03-05-2011 18:58:57

Can you post a screen of the error message or post the detailled error description?
I'm also running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and have no problems...


04-05-2011 09:37:09

After opening and building MogreSamples.sln (for Release / x86) I am now able to use the Sample Browser (or access individual samples) to run the samples. If the SDK installer finally finishes with the Sample Browser running, the user installing it would assume that the samples are ready to go. This was not the case for me. Is this because I am on a x64 system?


12-05-2011 18:10:24


I'm having a similiar issue. I've managed to narrow it down to dependencies of Mogre.dll (MSVCR90.dll, GPSVC.dll and IESHIMS.dll). Seeing as I have Visual Studo 2010 Progessional installed, I wasn't expecting to be missing these .dll's. All of them exist on my machine (in their normal locations).

I was able to use the Mogre.dll from successfully though. It looks like this version includes the functionality it requires from MSVCR90.dll.