experienced mogre developer needed for customisation work


17-06-2011 16:24:50

Request for Quote

Hi we are a UK London-based developer who have an existing dual-language 3D racing game written in Mogre. I hope this is the right place to post this request for a developer to modify the game.

The race takes part in a city. There are four characters each with a car. Points collected against the clock. Steering wheel control with custom wheel but using standard windows game control drivers.
4 kiosks run the game with network coms between them (but with no direct player interaction apart from seeing the other players). The game has RFID log-in. It runs on a kiosk 8 hours day.

The game needs to be converted:

a. re-skinned – new characters. new scenery. 3D models will be commissioned to fit the client brief and will need to be added to the game. The developer would need to liaise with the modeller to ensure compatibility with mogre and the game.
b. converted from 2 European language option to Arabic + English. The game currently uses XML for the text but this could be changed to another method if needed.
c. Possibly change the menu-based language switch option to a RFID card sensitive language switch.

Code available to anyone seriously interested in working with us on this and who would like to quote for the work with CV. Please pm me for contacts details.

NB. If there are many questions I will collate them all and post a single response.