MMOC bug


12-07-2011 14:55:18


Usually MMOC( collision detecting using raycasting) is very stable but it throws an exception if the mesh is 'dirty':

[attachment=0]Screenshot - 12.07.2011 , 15_32_45.png[/attachment]

I created this mesh which is causing this error by my self at runtime and I guess the problems is the indexcount and vertexcount of the manualobject. The mesh itself renders fine.
But my possibilities to check this deeper are limited (because of VB.Net, C# and VS Express).

Has anybody an idea?



13-07-2011 04:46:26

MMOC expects the meshes to be made up of triangle lists.
So if you used anything but 'RenderOperation.OperationTypes.OT_TRIANGLE_LIST' in 'MaterialObject.Begin' it won't work.


13-07-2011 08:09:53

Mm, so there is no easy way to fix this?
And I have to use the alternative: Selection buffer from Wiki?


13-07-2011 11:55:19

I've uploaded a new version which should also work for triangle strips and fans.


13-07-2011 14:07:02

Thanks, but meshes with mixed operationtypes are not supported (Lines and Points with triangles)?


13-07-2011 23:44:57

Currently not. I have to look into it...