Mogre about wrapper


15-07-2011 17:53:21

The current version is a beta version and is not a long time (Ogre v1.7.3) mogre when you are ready for the new wrapper? The project seems to stray. Who will deal with the project?


17-07-2011 00:43:10

The beta status flag is because of the lack of feedback.
Almost nobody did tell us if it works fine or if there are problems.

I'm a little bit shocked to see that our MogreSDK wasn't updated for one year now.
In the forum I saw Mogre 1.7.3 binaries. But it seems so that there is no "official" build.
The Mogre core maintainer mstoyke wants to update Mogre, but is very busy. (he promised he will do it, but we don't know when)
The SDK maintainer wasn't seen here for many months. So I hope anybody else will fresh it up.
An interesting project is the Mogre Builder. Unfortunatelly I don't know the state of the art (I'm busy, too).

Mogre seems to work well in general.
There was even a company which developed and published a big commercial game with Mogre (Dungeons).
Somebody wrotes, Mogre 1.6 would have problems in some special cases which the previous version Mogre 1.4 wouldn't have.

But it's sad to see, that there is a gap of maintainers who keep it up to date.
Some of us give support related to the current version 1.7.x.
A huge advantage seems to be to update the Mogre wrapper to 1.8.
Ogre switched its build(?) process to cmake. This caused problems to the way of autowrapping. I don't know details, because I don't have C++ nor wrapping knowledge. But I read this in a discussion some months ago. To solve the autpwrapping problems related to cmake (for Ogre 1.8), we need somebody with a very good and special knowledge. I suppose mstoyke will do the job. He's a lead developer in a company and has much experience in computer game development. His problem is the spare free time.

An other problem are the add-ons. When an add-on developer becomes idle, then often the add-ons aren't usable with newer Mogre versions by default.

Well, that's the state of the art in my opinion.


17-07-2011 13:03:25

Very soon i will wrote a list of bugs i've found in Mogre,
because i have a lote of troubles with it.

And i'm still happy, if 1.8 will be released.



17-07-2011 13:20:37

Yes, it would be great if you post the bugs you found.
Post it in the forum and also add it to the Mogre bug tracker.