Beginer fails to initialize MOIS in Mogre WInFORM


17-07-2011 22:11:21

Hello to all!

I have recently started experimenting with C sharp (VS 2010) and MOGRE for an upcoming project of mine. Intill now I have programmed in Visual Basic 6, and some C for micro controllers. My goal is to make an application that has mogre embedded in it. In the mogre panel i plan to make some basic manipulations of a 6 DOF humanoid robot. However, while building my test program after going through the tutorials i have immediately come up to a problem. At this point I only want to manipulate the ogre head or the camera using mouse or keyboard input.

It turns out, that i do not know how to implement MOIS in a system like this. I have read some topics on the forum, tried a couple of things but since my beginners reasoning is faulty I always get to errors i do not know how to fix/bypass.

I have uploaded my program to a sharing site, in hope that someone will point me to the correct direction. (ps.: note that in the app there are two classes for input, which i have found but failed to initialize) ... -2010.html

Thanks in advance