Problems with THREAD_SUPPORT


22-07-2011 13:59:20

Hi all. I'm using Mogre with Windows Forms. I need to have threading in Ogre, so, i compiled it with OGRE_THREAD_SUPPORT 1 and OGRE_THREAD_PROVIDER 1 (boost). Ogre and Mogre was compiled, but when I run my application, I'm getting LoaderLock exception on

Application.Run(new MainFrm());

Does anyone knows what's the problem? Any ideas?


25-07-2011 10:09:44

OK, that problem was solved. Just changed boosty link from static to shared. But, there are still errors. When all resources parsed, I call ResourceGroupManager.Singleton.FindResourceFileInfo, and program crashes with access violation at


inline bool interlocked_bit_test_and_set(long* x,long bit)
return _interlockedbittestandset(x,bit)!=0;

Any help will bee appreciated.