Gorilla.Net (with GorillaConsole)


06-08-2011 15:42:33


I converted Gorilla to vb.Net. It started as a simple test and comes out as Gorilla.Net. I have tested most of the code (ok, the examples). ANYTHING should work( = no exception ;) ), except ScreenRenderable . Download and try it by your self:

Note: If you want this to use in C# than either convert it to c# or compile it as an .dll and than add it to your project.

Known Bug:
Some chars are wrong (depends on font height) -> solution: use other font height :(

Differences to Gorilla (and MogreGorilla):
MarkupText now supports All colors (using hex colors). In Gorilla you can only use 9 default colors. I changed the code a bit.
But you can still use the old markup-index-system but you have now 141 colors (0 is white, like in Gorilla but the color order has changed) or the hex colors.
markuptext1.text = "%FF0000Gorilla.Net%0 is red and %00FF00this is green"
Tip: Use helper functions (in Utils.vb) to avoid handling with hex values:
the code above with helper functions:
markuptext1.text = markup("Gorilla.Net", color.red) +" is red and "+markup("this is green",color.green)"

Most of the methods are replaced with properties (.eg. function GetText and sub SetText with property Text and have there original xml comments.
The Utils.vb conatins usefull function for color handling.

Features: Text highlight, autocompletion, (basic) plugin support (-> extendable), Uses only Gorilla.Net functions, Argumentinfo

And the original Gorilla : https://github.com/betajaen/gorilla
Thanks betajaen for such a great Gorilla ;)


07-08-2011 11:09:48

Great - Thanks for doing the work and sharing with us. :D

Everybody who doesn't know Gorilla - Details are in this topic:


07-08-2011 14:50:26

I guess I need some help for ScreenRenderable:
In Gorilla it extends the SimpleRenderable but in Mogre this is not possible.
So: Is it possible to "inject" the Renderoperation (contains the vertices, ...) into a mesh? I never played with Mogre that way. I tried to load it into a mesh, than create an entity and finally attach this to node, but I get an AccessViolationException either mesh.load and scenemanager.createentity.
I uploaded the codefile. I anybody has an idea, please post it.



08-08-2011 15:14:27

Is SimpleRenderable not available (not wrapped) in Mogre?
If so, we should add this to our bug tracker.

By vertices you can create ManualObjects and from this meshes.
But I suppose this is not what you need.


08-08-2011 15:44:44

Oh, SimpleRenderable IS wrapped but you cannot inherit/extend it. Someone in this forum asked why, and the answer was that inherited classes in Mogre are not possible(= very difficult, but I don't know how difficult) because unmanaged code has to call managed and reverse.

But I guess a 'limited' support is possible, e.g. set protected members and extend the classes with your own code (and not overwrite something). If there is a wishlist, it should be added.

By the way, I updated the code of Gorrila.Net (first post).