Shutting Down Mogre


18-08-2011 01:34:44

Is their anything special that I should be doing when I shut down my c# application that is using Mogre.

So far, I have been just closing the application by clicking the close X on the window. (with me, I write a small bit of code, test if it worked, close the program and repeat--- very frequently.).

I am not really to sure about the inner workings of m/ogre and if any type of special consideration should be taken when I go to close the application (release any type of resources, etc). As with most things, I am just assuming that I am doing it wrong, hence why I am here to check =) .

Thank you so very much for your time,


18-08-2011 01:59:42

Ah, I think I have found the answer to this (please correct me if im wrong),

In the Root Class, there is a method called shutdown(), which has the following tooltip:

Shuts down the system manually. This is normally done by ogre automatically so dont think you have to call this yourself. However this is here for convenience, especially for dealing with unexpected errors or for systems which need to shut down Ogre on demand.

So it sounds like ogre should be able to clean itself up when the application is closing- and this shutdown method is just to quickly and easily bring everything to a halt- but is not required when shutting down the application.

(I am just being parinoid~ I had a video card give out on me within the last week while I was playing with Mogre,--- I just wanted to double check that I am not going to fry the laptop that I am borrowing from a friend! So I am being extra cautious =P)


18-08-2011 13:43:11

the GPU problem could have been you have stressed it more than it normally is so it got hotter and that caused problems. (M)OGRE it self wouldn't do any harm to it.


18-08-2011 20:37:43

Thanks so very much, that puts my mind a little at ease.