Mogre Terrain QUESTIONS!!!


23-08-2011 03:49:18

Hey guys
When I am trying to doing terrain stuffs in Mogre, I suddenly found that the default branch of Mogre doesn't wrap Terrain commpoents. Then i found the branch of TerrainAndPaging,and clone this branch. So I try to build it with AutoWrapper,but unfortunately when I trying to patch the Ogre src with these the path file(the TerrainAndPaging seems got two brach file under the patch folder),I just got an error that "OgreMain/Commponets/Terrain/include'(sth like that and i checked the folder even compared it with the patch file) is not a working path,it patched failed.So i am not able to know if these terrain commponents could work or not?could it be wrapped?or anyone give me a suggestion?
I also checked the post "In Development: Mogre Terrain and Paging " ,and the post seems give us no clear direction after saying so much words.


23-08-2011 10:25:45

Hey simple1900,

the Terrain and Paging component is not fully wrapped for Mogre. The branch TerrainAndPaging contains only an alpha version created by mstoyke. I think it is basically working but not yet ready to be used neither considered stable. So far you have to stay with the old terrain or write your own terrain class. As you can read in the forum thread there are ambitions to finish the wrapper but so far nobody succedded.

About thre patch: I also experienced that applying the patch is pretty hard. You can either do it via command line or with the GUI tool. My problem was that it never found the right files and I had to move the include and src folders. Anyway I don't know if your error is only because it's the TerrainAndPaging branch...

Hope this helped a little bit :wink:


24-08-2011 02:57:36

Thank you dude
It seems I had to write my own wrapper class to create terrains,huh~At first I just thought everything would had be wrapped perfect.
The patch problem is maybe I am using the branch and the header could not be matched right,so it just failed.
Anyway thanks for you answer and I might to write my own interfaces to do terrains. :D


29-08-2011 10:51:56

Hi simple1900,

unfortunately I can't help you in this case. For my project I just use the old Terrain Scene Manager.
Some possible alternatives I suggested here:

User zarifus created a wrapper for the new terrain component with good chances to finish.
It's a pitty that he got problems with the last steps, because he has problems to compile the Mogre source code.
Details he wrote here and in his following post.
Maybe you can work together, because you seem to have "compile experiences"?

It would be great if the new terrain component would available for Mogre.