how to use OgreTerrain.dll and OgrePaging.dll in mogre1.73


31-08-2011 09:41:53

I am use c#,
in vs 2008/2010,i has reference mogre.dll
but i am not find about ogreterrain and ogrepaging class!
how to do? (~55 MiB)


31-08-2011 11:31:42

Hey andyhebear1,

OgreTerrain.dll and OgrePaging.dll are native C++ libraries that you cannot use in C# (neither in VB.Net or any other .Net language). They need to be wrapped somehow (C++/Cli, P/Invoke...) before you can use them. Unfortunetately they are not (yet) wrapped so you are not able to use them with Mogre.

Possible solutions: wrap them by yourself or wait for the wrapper. You can follow the discussions here. Sorry about the bad news but currently there is not much progress. As you can read in the topic I linked there are some people working on it but it is not yet clear if and when they will finish.


17-09-2011 21:46:14

Sorry andyhebear1,

now I noticed: the binaries from Cygon you mentioned already contain the alpha version of the terrain and paging wrapper. Look here for an example how to use them. And you will not ifne the classes OgreTerrain and OgrePaging because you have to drop the "Ogre" in front of it :D they are simply called "Terrain", "TerrainGroup", "TerrainGlobalOptions" and so on.