WarehouseJim's MiscellaneousNotes2


20-09-2011 17:09:19

I have just added my second substantial, but poorly organised entry into the Wiki http://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/MiscellaneousNotes2.

This is similar to http://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/MiscellaneousNotes, but I have hopefully done a bit better with the formatting this time.

Topics covered include:

  1. UI Inspiration
    3D Monitors / Glasses /...
    Multiple Viewport, RTT etc
    Instancing etc
    General Shaders
    Fancy Shader Effects
    Misc Materials
    Colouring Static Geometry
    Vector Graphics Rendering
    Pointers, Disposing Of Objects Etc
    Mesh Import Export
    Pre-Made Meshes
    Ogre Cleanup / Memory Management
    3D Mice
    General C#
    Editing ManualObject
    !Creating ManualObjects / Meshes In Threads
    Memory Management
    Character Creation
    Using Webcam Data
    Video Capture
    Video Editing (for the poor)
    Charts / Graphs
    DirectX SDK
    Error Presenting Surfaces Exception
    Soft Body e.g. Clothing, Hair,Grass
    Checking Hardware Capabilities of Graphics Cards
    Slicing / Clipping
    Compositing and GUIs / HUDs
    Screen Burn-In
    Get The Mogre Version
    Mogre In WPF
    Procedural Geometry
    Render Cycle[/list:u]


20-09-2011 18:43:13

Hey WarehouseJim,

the list sounds great and like an awesome contribution to the community. Thank you a lot, I will take a look at it!


10-10-2011 00:49:27

Oh great !!

Thanks very much again for so much information.
Related to WPF there are also further experiences and at least one more demo. I will add the related forum link to the wiki page.


10-10-2011 01:49:04

Ok, done.
Additionally I moved your pages from the sandbox to the Mogre section of the structure, added tags and a link from the Mogre page ("Using Mogre" box).

By the way:
Your work is announced in the Mogre news box now. And I added you to the Mogre Hall of Fame :wink:


12-10-2011 16:04:17

And I added you to the Mogre Hall of Fame :wink:
I am not worthy.


12-10-2011 20:46:49

Of course you are. (At least in my eyes!)
Your both HOWTOs are very useful for Mogre users.
They are a good and huge experience feedback, which helps other users to become a widespreaded background knowledge for practical Mogre usage.