Mogre 1.73 and Terrain


14-12-2011 16:00:29

I never really could figure out if A) anyone had successfully used Cygon's 1.73 Mogre version and B) if the new terrain component worked in it. So last night I converted over to the 1.73 assemblies and my app ran fine.

Then I ported the Ogre terrain tutorial using the new component to see if it worked. It does. I was able to get the terrain to successfully run using the 1.73 binaries supplied by Cygon.

Just FYI. I never really could figure out what the status was from all the stickied posts :-).


19-12-2011 12:57:48

It seems that all posts related to Cygon's binaries, Terrain and Paging are spread over several topics. Yes, I used his binaries successfully right after he posted them. I was even able to compile and run MHydrax with it. Somewhere I posted a snippet how to use the terrain component. I have tested it before and yes it is working. I can not say why mstoyke declares it as alpha since everything seems to work and all classes are wrapped. I have also posted a snippet for paging but honestly was not able to test it so far.
So, I agree with your results, the binaries are working fine and terrain and paging is available.