Where is the advantage??


01-10-2006 12:23:37

:lol: I am the first, hehhe

Where is the advantage of c++/cli wrapper if we still programing with c++?

Compilation speed?
better Input system??



01-10-2006 13:08:48

Heh, you win the "First Poster Ever" badge, congrats! :)

The wrapper is made using C++/CLI but it produces a .NET assembly, meaning it can be used by any .NET language like C#, VB.NET, Iron Python etc. (which is the whole point really, if you're using C++/CLI you don't need a wrapper, you can use Ogre directly :wink:)

Some more info about differences/advantages over OgreDotNet can be found here:

Eventually you'll be able to create .NET plugins for Ogre, and hopefully there will be Mono support too.


01-10-2006 16:34:05

ahhhhh, i get it...

another question:

Can i use other frameworks for sound, input o something like that with Mogre:?:


01-10-2006 18:18:55

Any framework accessible by .NET can be used with Mogre. For the samples I use DirectInput of Managed DirectX.

I have ported OgreNewt to .NET so there's at least one physics library available for Mogre.

I also did a renderer for CeGui# (http://ceguisharp.sourceforge.net). I'll put it on SVN when CeGui# gets a proper release, unless someone wants to play with it, in which case I'll upload the source.


01-10-2006 21:05:09


Its look really nice.... i going to start using MOGRE :P


03-10-2006 14:13:59

Any framework accessible by .NET can be used with Mogre.

It would definitely be cool to be able to make homebrew (and/or professional, pending future releases of both tools) games on X-Box 360 using Ogre ;-)

heh, although... I don't intend to get a 360 until the price and the temp of the CPU both drop a little more ;-)


03-10-2006 14:38:35

Unfortunately unmanaged code will not be allowed for the Xbox through XNA, so Ogre is ruled out.
There's a discussion about exactly this here: http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=23419