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01-10-2006 13:46:25


MOGRE (Managed OGRE) is a C++/CLI wrapper for Ogre. It produces a .NET 2.0 assembly that can be used by all the .NET languages.
The Mogre project also includes a port of OgreNewt to C++/CLI (called MogreNewt).

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Mogre is mostly a 1-to-1 layer over Ogre, questions about Ogre's usage should be directed in the main forums. You should post here questions specific to Mogre, like if you want to use an Ogre class/method and you can't find the equivalent in Mogre.

For various issues that don't involve crashes (like shadows not appearing correctly etc.) it's 99% certain that it's not Mogre's fault but that you are not using Ogre correctly. If you encounter a bug with Mogre it will probably manifest itself through nasty system exceptions and crashes. Keep in mind though, that Ogre exceptions are related to Ogre's usage; if you get a crash, check the "Ogre.log" to see if it was caused by an Ogre exception.

Current Mogre version: v1.7