MOGRE on linux in future?


13-10-2006 21:02:36


i have found the MOGRE project a few minues ago and I'm very happy with it. I will use it probably in my next project.

But i'm wondering if there is a real chance that MOGRE will be work together with mono? I will definitely need that feature because my app has to run on linux AND windows.

many greetings from germany



14-10-2006 07:57:08

Yes, there's a real chance for Mogre on linux in future, but it will take months because it's on the too-much-work-not-much-time category.

OgreDotNet runs on linux already though.


11-11-2006 01:30:46

What exactly would be required for Mogre to run under linux (mono specifically)?

Primarily, I guess the holdup would be that CLR/C++ support doesn't exactly exist for gcc right? How does Mono bridge the gap between a C++ dynamic library (.so) and the CLR itself? Is this done entirely with pinvoke?


11-11-2006 01:50:04

From a bit of reading that I did I got the impression that creating mixed managed/native dlls is inherently difficult to accomplish in linux and, plus, there doesn't seem to be great interest in Mono community/developers to get C++/CLR working for Mono.

P/Invoke is great for accessing C libraries by C#, but when you start to get into using C++ libraries and getting C++ to access managed code too, P/Invoke gets very very messy.

The idea that I have is to use Mono's embedding API. All the .NET methods will be only stubs, their actual functionality will be defined using C++ code and the embedding API.