[SOLVED] Error C2039; 'isThrown' : is not a member...


15-10-2006 10:13:01

I'm getting following error when compiling the latest SVN trunk.

..\src\OgreException.cpp(40) : error C2039: 'isThrown' : is not a member of 'Ogre::Exception'

LINK_TO_MOGRE is set to 0

Related line of code in OgreException.cpp

//Addition for Mogre
bool Exception::isThrown = false;


15-10-2006 14:14:57

I did a fresh checkout and OgreMain compiles fine. Are you sure you have the latest OgreException.h ? There should be a
//Addition for Mogre
static bool isThrown;

in the Exception class definition.


15-10-2006 18:11:43

Yep, it turned out to be a problem with my checkout of the trunk. I have been just updating my checkout and somehow it seemed to have gone wrong. After doing clean checkout OgreMain compiles just fine.