Mogre and Vista [solved]


23-10-2006 17:59:29

This is a question for my own security. Is Mogre supposed to run on Vista? 'Cause I'm not having much success at geting it going.

At this point I'm guessing that the problem comes from DX10, but I can't be shore, since my logic tells me it should run on openGL. Unles OGRE is staticly linked against DX9.


23-10-2006 18:57:10

Are you using Vista RC1 and a suitable driver? (like nVidia's Vista RC1 driver). I haven't tested it personally but the guy named Duncan Mac Leod in this post got it working and he's using C++/CLI too.


23-10-2006 19:06:36

Yeah, about that. I had read that post, but I have been at the driver problem all afternoon with nothing serious to show for it.

However the problem is not driver related. I just found the ogre demos, installed long ago, and they worked in d3d (not openGL though). They work perfectly fine on the WDDM driver. The problem with Mogre apps is that they report not finding Mogre.dll or a refference of Mogre. I remember having a similar problem when I moved my code from Mogre 0.1.5 to 0.1.6.

I hope I solve this soon. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the fast response.


23-10-2006 19:29:59

Use the SDK Installer to make sure you have a clean installation of the dlls.


24-10-2006 16:56:24

I reinstalled the SDK over the already existing files and it worked, so the problem is solved.

One last question before I let this thing to rest:
do either OGRE or Mogre require anything that might be upset by a operating system reinstall?


24-10-2006 17:05:18

The only thing I can think of is that once you reinstall an OS, you have to make sure you reinstall the VC8 runtimes that you built them against, along with the proper DX SDK that you built them against :)


25-10-2006 10:36:26

Vista has .NET 2.0 pre-installed, right?


08-11-2006 20:53:44

Vista has .NET 3.0 preinsalled (the former winfx).

To answear my own question it seems there is nothing a different installation of windows will do to Mogre. As long as all the libraries that come with ogre and mogre by default are installed it should work out of the box on vista, with out any modifications. Neither OGRE nor MOGRE are linked against specific versions of libraries and Axiom.Input seems to work perfectly with DX10.

I'm guessing the openGL problems occurred because the drivers for Vista are yet incomplete. I had quite some difficulties in getting them to work, and I am yet unshore if I could manage to do it again :)

So the final conclusion is Mogre should work out of the box on vista.