Good work so far


24-10-2006 02:51:15

MOGRE worked for me right out of the box, so to speak. OgreDotNet did not. Actually you guys should get together. Their wiki has some decent tutorials while the MOGRE is not yet up and while theirs doesn't work, MOGRE does... :)


24-10-2006 09:11:23

Any volunteers for putting MOGRE tutorials on the wiki are more than welcomed :)


24-10-2006 14:20:20

I *need* to update the current tutorials, so I may take this on if no one else does by this weekend. I'll add a link for Mogre tutorials. =)


24-10-2006 14:49:59

Well I have just ported the Basic Tutorial 1 and I put it on the wiki. It wasn't really any work but I thought I have to do at least something when you put so much work in MOGRE, and I think everyone in this growing comunity is much much more than just thankfull for your doing here. Really, keep on the good work man, you're the greatest.


25-10-2006 10:37:00

Awesome, thanks!


03-11-2006 01:24:12

I hope you don't mind, I merged your ported tutorial into the string of tutorials I'm updating for this project. I've left your tag at the top.


03-11-2006 11:25:01

It's OK, the new tutorials are quite good. Awesome job.