Joystick/Gamepad support in C#?


25-10-2006 18:30:30

Does anyone know of a good gamepad library I could use in C#? I don't believe I can use direct input since the managed DirectX library is defunct now...


25-10-2006 18:39:50

When did MDX lib become defunct?

Anyway, you have choices, you could use Tao.SDL for input, or use OIS via a wrapper from C#.

Edit - maybe bekas could be able to create a CLI/C++ OIS wrapper :)


25-10-2006 19:07:55

Trust me, you do NOT want to be using MDX right now. Micrsoft has "replaced" it with XNA.

I'll check out OIS. Thanks.


25-10-2006 20:25:36

I would like to see an ois wrapper... i was planning on doing it myself unless Bekas is doing it with his amazing toool.


25-10-2006 20:44:23

The problem is with MDX 2.0, because it was in beta state and has an "expiration date". MDX 1.1 is still usable.

At the moment I have no plans for an OIS wrapper, MDX 1.1 is sufficient for my needs.


25-10-2006 21:03:17

Yeah, I've started using the SDL wrapper pjcast mentioned, and it's working fine for what I need as well.